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FREE Health Programme at your club with the fans at heart


Starting on Wednesday 20th April 2016 7-9 PM for 10 Weeks


At The Memorial Stadium, Filton Avenue, Bristol BS7 0BF


  • We offer a 10 week Free Programme


  • Discounted Gym Membership


  • Free Healthy Living Advice


.........And much much more


  • Fans4Life will help you to feel healthier and more outgoing.


  • Improve your blood pressure and fitness


  • Greater awareness of heart health messages.

Fans4Life aims to improve the health and well-being of physically inactive fans at risk of poor health through a free 10 week health education and exercise programme based at the Memorial Stadium.


Participants attend sessions on one evening a week. These involve two 45 minute sessions run concurrently focussing on health and well-being and exercise activities.


Participants are also encouraged to include independent exercises throughout the week. All sessions are led by qualified health professionals (dieticians, exercise physiologists, exercise and health psychologists, nurses and General Practitioners, exercise leaders and Bristol Rovers staff.


The Fans4Life programme has been designed around health topics chosen by fans.


Week and Focus of activities


  • Week 1- Health Check and Introduction


Baseline physiological and health/well-being measures taken.


  • Week 2- Physical Activity


Introduction to how exercise has an impact on the body, frequency, intensity, etc.


  • Week 3- Healthy Eating


Introduction of the Eatwell Plate and portion sizes


  • Week 4- Fats, Sugars, and Food Labels


Gain a greater understanding of what various food contains and how to read a food label.


  • Week 5- Healthy Snacks and Meals


A hands-on opportunity to prepare and sample various healthy recipes


  • Week 6- Alcohol


Learning the caloric content of alcohol and its health impact on the body


  • Week 7- Heart Health


Covering the importance of diet and physical activity on heart health, and signs of CVD and stroke


  • Week 8- GP Session


Allows participants the opportunity to discuss with the GP various health issues and if need be referred to additional services


  • Week 9- Mental Health, Stress, and Well-Being


Open discussion about mental health and stress issues, how to identify and address, and options for referral


  • Week 10- Health Check and Conclusion






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Memorial Stadium, Filton Avenue, Bristol BS7 0BF













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